It’s an egg in a box! It’s an egg in a box, babe.

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After a previous failed attempt at eggs in a basket, I thought I’d give it another go with some thicker toast. Verdict?

Success in my belly!

Ok, well maybe there are a few more steps that I left out, but it’s quick and easy to make (and even faster to devour).

1 thickass slice of bread (ok, probably not as thick as texas toast)
1 egg
black pepper
butter (I subbed with Consorzio Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

After cutting out the hole (in any shape you like) heat up a nonstick pan. Use a pan with a flat surface. Don’t want your egg to eggscape now, do we? *WINK* Oh, and don’t throw away your bread that’s been cut out! Use it to dip into your egg later!

We didn’t have any butter at home (WHAT?!) so I drizzled some Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto the pan. Believe me, that stuff is bomb, and I think you can get it at Costco. Sprinkle a little bit of salt into the oil and place both bread and cutout bread onto the pan. Let it sizzle a little, and then gently crack your egg into the bread hole. *giggle*

Sprinkle salt and pepper onto the egg, and let it cook on med-low, until you can slide your bread around a little. (ie. egg is done on one side).  Once that side is done, flip over your egg toast very very carefully. You don’t want it to break or fall out! (Don’t forget to flip over your little cutout bread too!) Then let it cook on low until you can slide your bread around a little bit. Once you can, turn off the heat immediately and gently transfer your egg toast onto a plate.


Egg in a basket that’s not really a basket, but a slice of toast!

Dip your cutout toast into the egg yolky goodness, and nosh away. If you don’t like the egg yolk runny, then cook longer! Enjoy yourself, or make it for someone else. Guaranteed smile. Ok, guaranteed reaction that’s not too negative!

Is there something you’d like to see me attempt? Comment and let me know!

  • suki

    Oooh, nommy! 😀

  • thinker

    This looks delicious.

    • stealthypoo

      It was! Give it a go!