Letter to Anonymous

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I love you and will always love you! Thank you for coming to me to share who you are with me. I am so happy for you and so proud of you. 


Yet, I am still scared and sad. Not because of it, but because it’s a rough road ahead, you are still so young, and this world is still so hateful. I wish you love, and I hope in this lifetime, you and whoever you fall madly in love with (because who wouldn’t – you are beautiful!), are able to share your lives together, with the same rights as any other person. No judgement and NOH8. 

I love and support you always. (Unless you get into drugs or something.. In which case I would still love and support you, but there would be some form of intervention..)  Anyways, as per usual, I’m watching you! ;p 

Know that you are loved. 

<3 always,


  • michelle

    such a sweet message. i wish more people were vocal about supporting family/friends/strangers 🙂 <3

    • http://www.donnasaur.us/ Stealthypoo

      agreed! <3!