Happy Clouds..

I love to channel my inner Bob Ross, fro and all, and dabble in art. I hadn’t done any real artwork since high school when I took an advanced art course. Love! In fact, where are those ahmazing pencils I once owned and cherished? Alas, they are probably lost forever. 

I’ve always loved the creative side of things, so when my sister asked me to join her at a PaintNite, I jumped at the chance. We had chosen between a few dates and also were able to choose depending on what we wanted to paint. PaintNite offers a variety of gorgeous pieces, and we chose the San Francisco Cityscape/Skyline, hosted at Taverna Aventine. Coincidentally, it’s located on the edge of Jackson Square and the Financial District, directly across the street from the TransAmerica building, that also happened to be in our painting. PaintNite is hosted at various locations in the city and across the U.S., so you may find one in your city. 

Our group of about 15 sat neatly packed into their space and our incredibly patient instructor, Torrey, made sure that she kept us on track. We were encouraged to imbibe, let our creativity flow, have fun, and not take things too seriously. We popped on our aprons, and with gin gimlets in one hand, and a paint brush in the other, we started our masterpieces*.

I feel like this class is perfect for any level student. You go through mixing colors, and using different brushes, but the instructor is always around if you need help or have questions. It definitely is a great group activity, and for me, it was fun sister time. If you don’t like where your painting is going (usually most things are fixable), but when it’s clear that “it is what it is…”, the answer is clear. Drink more! Have fun! It’s like trying to cut your own hair evenly.. The more you try to fix it, the worse it may get.. so relax. Drink. And then cut your hair. (Just kidding. Don’t do that.)

Hope you enjoy the pics. You can tell I’m totally into it because I can’t even sit down to paint.. Also beware of flicking paint into your drink. There may or may not have been colorful specks of paint in my gin gimlet that I had to remove. Possibly..

Here’s the finished masterpiece. We had no happy trees, but I made sure to create some happy (read: kind of ominous really..) clouds. 

*Just to be clear, your definition of masterpiece may be very different from mine. 😉

  • http://superduperfantastic.com/ suki

    😀 love your post so much! and your masterpiece. i’m proudly displaying mine in the house!

    • stealthypoo

      yay!! thanks! I noticed your painting was up!

      I don’t know where to put mine, but mom said it’s pretty! 🙂

  • http://linda.curious-notions.net Linda

    This looks so relaxing!

    • stealthypoo

      It was nice and therapeutic too!

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